Premium Clyde Valley Cherries

Our history, our family, our quality. Shared with you.

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Proudly growing and exporting New Zealand's most delicious cherries.

Since 1921.

100 Years in the making...

In the heart of Central Otago lies the Clyde Valley. 3 Kings Cherries has been farming here for over 100 years. Steeped in rich history for gold mining and fruit production, this region produces the best cherries in the world.

The Paulin family has been growing in Central Otago for more than 100 years. Always in sight of the Cromwell Gauge, and always in sight of the 3 Kings.

Our Cherries

3 Kings Cherries Growers have more than 100 years of growing heritage and expertise

With the best of seasons comes the best of cherries

Each season our growers and pack house managers review the best of the best of our cherries we harvest to assess whether they qualify for ourĀ premium reserve range. These are incredible special and incredibly rare!