Cherry Varieties

Our summer harvest season usually starts in Mid-December with Lani, Black Pearl and Midnight Pearl varieties. After New Year, we start into our other varieties such as Lapin and  Sweethearts then in late Jan- early February  Staccato, Regina and Kootenay varieties are ready to be harvested.


Black Pearl

Large, early ripening cherry with a crunchy texture. Stunningly dark appearance and deliciously sweet flavour.

Midnight Pearl

Big, stunningly beautiful sweet cherry. Exceptionally large, dark-skinned. 

Large, crunchy, heart-shaped, early ripening cherry variety. The fruit is dark to red mahogany at the time of harvest.  It has exceptional flavour and is extremely firm and crunchy.


Large, crunchy, heart-shaped, bright red with a mild sweet flesh and outstanding firmness, travels well, small pit.


Large, mahogany red, cherry with excellent firmness and flavour. 


Large, very crunchy red-black cherry with super sweet burgundy flesh ,
very small pit.  


Late season cherry variety with firm and juicy dark red flesh.


Very large, dark red/burgundy sweet cherry, firm and delicious.


Large, crunchy, oblate-heart shaped cherry that is translucent dark red in colour.
It has a long ripening period and the fruit is of exceptional flavour.

For all Appetites



3 Kings Cherries come in three different pack types, designed to meet your cherry wants and needs.

Something Special

Not every season, but some seasons we are blessed with something truly special. When our growers identify some particularly exceptional fruit coming of the trees at harvest we set this aside to form our Premium Reserve.

Please note – the below product range is strictly subject to seasonal availability and crop quality.